I'd been thinking about my hometown, Detroit- abandoned factory complexes, cracking superstructures, industrial seepage. I was thinking about how we bury everything: the trains, the tracks, the debris, the dead - propelling subways through concrete tubes, creating massive stone caskets to contain radon decay. I was thinking about Chernobyl and Bhopal - those complex clouds, the most unbreathable palette. I was thinking about our own peculiar, ulterior fossil record, the ionized atmospheric ups, the lithic downs, the electronic vanishing point. Then, the graphics of speed- minimal drag auto bodies, the velocity of horizontal sprawl, the efficiency of ant farms. This on-going series of work is a model of the messy overlap of industry and nature and the ways the one mimics its host's infrastructure - water supplies, power grids, magma chambers and pipelines which, like their corporeal analogues, generally function unnoticed until they catastrophically break and rupture.