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This ongoing series of paintings on aluminum signage panels quote heavily from the old computerized landscape of my childhood: mothballed neon graphical motifs, icon fragments or Atari avatars. The first object I collected as a kid was my era’s ubiquitous "puffy sticker". These inflated object-images made a luscious impression on my young eye and were my first method of personal image taxonomy  The sticker was an extension of me, an appendage, a territory marker. Applied to a surface, it was a plastic proxy for my self, my allegiances, and for the body itself. The bad registration and wide white borders of this mass-produced memorabilia endeared my tastes to an industrial aesthetic of "close enough" and deepened my lust for the tectonic, toytown contours of the die cut. With these paintings, I turned back to the puffy sticker as my medium of choice to both bemoan and bedazzle the schematics of our mass-produced lives lived marring every surface.